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no kiss women!!because she in past suck and kiss dick,peace of shit,gay pig

(mike joint(evil god), 5. 4. 2014 0:35)

oh shit god gay.. To much humanz(monkey ass)on planet,god have accident,now is gay,yay to much bitch on planet ugly shit she like dick and suck that,yay!! Gay animals,ha ha.. Instant gay planet

fuck humanz slow stupid gayanimal with speak sound

(mike joint (rbastard), 5. 4. 2014 0:29)

WHEN u like or understand my comments..so i say hm 'congratulation' u high brain!! *I no understand any comment by mike joint because to much satanic-satan speak on humanz for smile?

hi everybody part 4

(mike joint (rbastard), 5. 4. 2014 0:22)

check this:kinda,on us and europe net have over 666 coments (..) real number over 880 comments,hm.to much because this is my time for videogame but i hate that after i 15 years play videogame and 2 years ago i stop that,to much. Like much virtual bodyz down,3d shoting aka is doom style. Like car 'carmagedon(destroy)

hi everybody part 3

(mike joint (rbastard), 5. 4. 2014 0:13)

like u NEED be satanistic aka i mike joint but this only morbidSPEEDsoul,i no from satan and god and jesus or from budha.

hi everybody part 2(czech comment)

(mike joint (rbastard), 5. 4. 2014 0:09)

ha ha jak všichni delaji 'konečne volno. you slave. ha ha i new from this (..)maybe zas budes 'po tech 2dnech mit zase 'volno' ha ha ha .. (..) back to work! Ha ha.. (..) bitches animals.

hi everybody

(mike joint (rbastard), 5. 4. 2014 0:02)

maybe you have fuckoff mind about me so ok u want be evil or feel my comment dick and u suck it when hate that,u feel big dick and u like play with him ,hm

on HUMAN AND GIRAFE rausen by demonz for funn and shot,yeah are no real and no demonistic and fiction body

(mike joint (rbastard), 4. 4. 2014 15:14)

funny all europe humanz monkey freak,fuck girl ugly gay animal on dick,man is ugly gay shit body sleng 'jesus' .Yay,satanic www.u need cofein or cocain?power ya exist over eat! Ha ha

hardcore comments/u down spirit,u no have brain conection on this shadow shit aka mike

(mike joint(rbastard), 4. 4. 2014 13:19)

hardcore mind and politics

this comments(mind politics of one soul)

(mike jointrbastard, 4. 4. 2014 0:54)

u never try comments aka i, understand?u lost soul, ha ha(..) *next mike comment complet,domination. Ha ha (..)

už je starý vesmír a vyklubal moc opic and what is girafe horse

(mike joint (rbastard), 4. 4. 2014 0:46)

like hudson leick calisto evil face ,extazy satanic,murda magnetismus on extazy split face or dickfuck

happy demon

(mike joint (rbastard), 3. 4. 2014 21:57)

my last comment with nadpis 'smoke evil mutagen joint' so this comment is my next star one speak,like mike joint,check it ten comment odpočitej ctvrty od tohoto

mike,like czech sleng michal

(mike joint (rbastard), 3. 4. 2014 21:50)

like many sounds of human speak but i think i one general soul and my speak have true colour,humanz is bitch aka speed monkey with speak sound,like i cyborg rap sound,infamous,like from humanz sound of scary of satan


(mike joint (rbastard), 3. 4. 2014 21:28)

oprawa:in last comment i say kvílel'down spirit alive. Now next comment: like my sound copy from girl brain,tak 'name kde jsi ! (..) Like i say fuck 3.photo,still her boy ? No trust,shit.


(mike joint (rbastard), 3. 4. 2014 21:22)

tak ten mentaly postiženy zas psal na satan bible(14) a psal i za me a krystina (..) a napsal 'jeden comment z toho ma tak petset metru a dokola se opakuje satan je zlo ver v jezise krista satan je zlo ver... Hm tak to je jen u vas v czech tyto lidi procachtane diablem,onision!! To mi nikdo neuveří v us,lol,stačí ale říct europe vilage orlich kvíkel'down spirit alive (..) :))))))

ghost samples:

(mike joint(r(robotic)bastard), 3. 4. 2014 20:10)

mike je..like i high and i colour fake ironicky sound aka dobry den or ty bylo to tak že ty asocial šly na me and.. Like i copy this sound:under my window child girl and her sound copy to my brain'sound like'name kurwa ozvi se or ty krawo jedna or.. like i sexfuck litle 13age girl she want see me in club and she want smoke from my maryhuan (..)

smoke evil mutagen joint

(mike joint (rbastard), 3. 4. 2014 2:58)

like i after joint aka after chemicale smoke ,skill by soul in tecnic (..) i next one rap on planet over brutalrap'freestyle, over instrumental i moreghost aka matrix next god fireing,like my fire karma,like i one cosmic my faget,like death deathfamily,onision.like u feel evil my inteligence and hurt style aka on hurt on murda'on genocide high,like power aka ufo power from long time in rap combos/on hurt quake spirit,demonistic,with new style 'robotic/technic aka gyborg soul the god cold serious ghost rap hurt blizard,smoke

when somebody hatespeak about me so yeah ya ups&down spirit,ha ha

(mike joint (rbastard), 3. 4. 2014 2:41)

like i nemoct girlwztah ja on hurtchronicle,bosshigh aka next death soul high shit,like human from scary sleng'sick',high and fuck company,like ufo and demonz on human 'op operation,shat destruction,awesome by cosmic like every sec devil&death on all life form planets in cosmic stop bodyz 'diabel

like maybe u on hateface,wrecking

(mike joint (rbastard), 3. 4. 2014 2:21)

my sleng is aka move on demolition'combo,like i on planet fuck my demon style i mysticsurovej jew,like soul ghost chameleon over plant maryhuan with space,demon high energy,like death out on planet headz detonation(devil jew)mix brain body execution(Death)this by Diabel ghost,high one

i have money on jointsmoke :)

(mike joint (rbastard), 3. 4. 2014 2:12)

in last comment i think no that ghosts.. New comment: now i write phoneDemonComment i bastard sleng,i devilRap now no in rap this tag 'next my comment',fuck ya i high,like i hiphop instrumental to much slow on my ghost aktivity,like morbid tekno instrumental best for me,hurt connection rap,like i anomaly in ya our life when u read my high shit

like i say space say humanz are target/death

(mikejointrbastard, 3. 4. 2014 2:03)

maybe are slipknot mask ghotic style but no that ghorts,in g guitar spliting, like clown in hate on stage

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