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czech sleng,onision

(mike bastard, 26. 4. 2014 22:15)

.. Tak ted nebreč u toho a až pak si to řekneš jen ve tve scumbag mysli ale musim říci že ten vaš satanismus je vlastne takove křestanstvi ktere stihá smrt jev ale zase na druhou stranu nema uctu z zivotu neboli nerespektuje toho kdo ho vytvoril a taky sem si vsim ze vsugerace ze exist satan duch/mozna ale pocitat i stim ze to dela jen samotny vesmir ty dable dal taky je jasne ze satanisti jsou spise ghotic protoze nejsou surove duše jako je mike joint a myslim ze neni jediny rapper satanista a to je dokazané že rapper duše jsou nej vrazi ty rituále a zabít u toho kočku a dělat z toho vraždu,tak se mejte idiots

wow i think now me more like my demon godz

(mike joint(mike bastard, 26. 4. 2014 16:27)

my soul feel and high evil god mindz and quick god controle and soulrise combos and my double rap the robotic chaos with nitro and this all/ghost skill and last my joints smoke...i was best,i got my new self..more again and really scary serious high real and i..and hmmmm that extazy from maryhuana smoke aka price from my godz and that i in crazy evil robotic ufo high,qualit resurection.why you,maybe you no demon and gay white freak

youtube:narkotek-try again later

(mike bastard, 25. 4. 2014 15:51)

i feel,maybe is this instrumental about' no now,try again later and still u no stop me(genocide shoting) (..) hm i no stop this instrumental and again again from 0:00 to 1:11,next demon high shit (complete instrumental is high diabel sound)

replay ..and yo honney..

(mike joint(mike bastard), 24. 4. 2014 22:38)

comments no dislike(no fuckoff)on 'majitelka satanic page i think kristina girl.and great maybe is she new dark

maybe in future i be immortal,u no trust shit u no real and no mystic ;)

(mike bastard, 24. 4. 2014 22:29)

i tyran god in resurection (¿) u think i insane crackin,hm,your brain,beware on true because your fail mind is my win mind in your brain.. hm one mike sleng,evil boss high

and yo u honney are u ok after my comments,kristin?hello?

(mike joint(mike bastard), 24. 4. 2014 22:15)

maybe i know how smoke maryhuan and drug feel on joint aka on heroin,heaven(hell

hey!Hate sleng

(mike bastard, 24. 4. 2014 22:05)

see my comments¿And slipknot no have this all in lyrics so why you more like this ex band,i know

like i say when i smoke joint so i aka on trip(lsd)and no on maryhuana(i chemicale feel/i soul of hate)

(mike 'bastard(mjoint), 24. 4. 2014 15:34)

because i say i ghost IN like dirty instrumental i IN crazy portate tempo IN soulrise spining IN new and new speed( chemicale extazy feel of my new and new speed from me the from one soul moving in stand)

i next rap the ghost on masta death

(mike bastard, 24. 4. 2014 15:11)

like to much demon's was killed by more big demon by diabel anomaly(immortal)

like my fuckoff sleng(on all)

(mike bastard , 24. 4. 2014 13:08)

podivej na ty lidi a zvirata na te planete to vsechno fail gay more&lepra a podivej ty zelene veci 'trees and this bullshit.toto vse bitch freak fail natural and need piss. Like breathe,like green maryhuana breath

like satan in do it/soul of diabel(devil&death on bodyz

(mike bastard, 24. 4. 2014 1:05)

this high comments/true&dirty real mix with my demonistic robotic i hurt sleng now u feel big dick/ghost in hurt&inteligence speak/i next one&on wreck magic.like u see my comments?i to much satanistic,my self,dirty natural,i think kind soul the ghost in bastard mode,next sick god u on to head punish

u faget i next one ghost

(mike bastard(mjoint), 24. 4. 2014 0:49)

dirty fuck in comments

my taifune quake rap

(mike bastard (mjoint), 24. 4. 2014 0:43)

like inrtrumental/you tube: narkotek made in tekos partie 1 all tracks. From start to 5:00minute is next one on my taifune quake rap


(mike bastard, 23. 4. 2014 19:17)

repair: oh this mail is 320 no 328 so: bastard320@gmail.com

Net page 'my friendz.hm but i no ya friend i hate all.In my POZITIV style i demon brother

(Mike bastard, 23. 4. 2014 14:06)

All ya shit,satan bible is fiction,check this bitch 'my mindz is real bible and this u never see in any bible,never.this is real mindz from real dirty evil soul/from me

reclama comment(pro kohokoli

(Mike bastard (mike joint) mike rapper the mike devil, 23. 4. 2014 1:48)

chces vedet jak mike vypadá nebo jine infa?tak mail otazku na bastard328@gmail.com (max jeden mail ty me and ja jeden zpet)

are drunk shit+likes human manz+fuck&suck dick

(mike bastard, 22. 4. 2014 19:58)

hi satan so funny right,i think human the monkey ass are still in company and drink bullshit aka is beer and talk about 'everythink(bullshit planet

in lasts comments i say,but..

(mike bastard(mike joint), 22. 4. 2014 16:45)

in lasts comments i too say please you delete all comments but now i say u no must because now all my comments are my respect on satan from czech net,mix when whitch soul'my photos read my shit and like so yeah and for you respect too.

rap power

(mike bastard(mjoint), 22. 4. 2014 15:56)

u shit u never be aka i and look this 'only' comments..

yayyay-439.comment by mike bastard(by i)

(mike bastard(mjoint), 22. 4. 2014 15:52)

hm so much,never exist net page where have more comments,only on you tube sun shine girl( 360comments. HM on this page have 439.comments and look on that satanistic power lyrics in comment(no rap) devil high over my 50%immortal,sick demon man in comments,high spirit.

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