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king size speak

(mike bastard(mdevil,mjoint)), 16. 5. 2014 16:00)

hm when this all somebody read or no,anyway i must say on this page i skill my czech sleng'like translation net program

Maybe i eyacuation from this:youtube: narkotek-faya (in0:43 start morbid set and my eyacuation from execution style

(mike ex joint the mike d, 16. 5. 2014 15:19)

no play this on maryhuana smoke,yay i in life after life i think heaven hell

hurt politics,morbid satanistic

(mike bastard(%mdevil), 16. 5. 2014 2:54)

for all when u read this*are u still satanic?maybe no!< < < die!/u no must i easy on giraffe souls/now i think you are

one usa comments so easy destroying czech net

(mike devil, 16. 5. 2014 2:49)

mike 'devil politics

mike bastard sleng

(mike devil, 16. 5. 2014 2:47)

from my born i was to much on toilet and i see how space like do it'piss do it,space must all piss and all kill,this he ,this cosmic and satan is fiction (..) ha ha!! But death is real,you feel that in last your day on planet,ha ha ha dead animalz,u be skeleton in in grave in planet ,ha ha! And you shit!

czech sleng

(mike bastard (mdevil), 16. 5. 2014 2:40)

about humanz:tak dotyku!tak opičaci,hladit,hey ty pohlazení!dementi'hey sexe!,ty vagíny a penisi a vagíny a ,hey opičaci,ty tekutino,hladit'homoušsci ty opice tvorit v kocarkach ano dotyku?ano mrdacko?ok opičaci?hey... (..) Gay organismi humanz .ok gay zviratka tela? Ty me asi neslysis'Dotyku! Slysis me?to sem ja mike joint a homoušci!!poslouchas me ted?bradavko!.. :))))) gay planet,u pig,braindead,gay ya god he like dick he create all dick's understand dotyku?líbačko mluwim stebou!

yay that clubs or discotek..nazi house on torture??

(mike devil, 15. 5. 2014 15:08)

ha ha you no understand me,right? This is soul politics,this is not any bible,are you ok?

yay animals pig

(mike dev!L, 15. 5. 2014 15:05)

you touch on her or suck her when she is from last dick or she suck dick or somethink,no help water for clean. And what is sex,yay animal bullshit,all ya be done on mystic

6%warning 6%high comments %6

(mike ex joint the mike d, 14. 5. 2014 14:45)

comments only for me.. Ok when u like read this SO for ya too. spirit machine,devil dirt'top clean high.maybe this is last comment about 'satanic' true.www estranka folder her photos


(%, 13. 5. 2014 15:28)


like satan diabel top subject hurt split all planets immortal

(mike devil(mikeBastard), 11. 5. 2014 3:33)

cosmic is'u body'cosmic play wrath,cosmic in one ill,i alone subjects ghost godhigh comptatibilition with dark space cosmic place program i real dirty high aka on power for my top high'by top ufo's/god family&diabel mix with my style aka on burn wreck subjects&soul inteligence,alien(hybrid&inteligence&demon sick&alien reclean one logic energy the high in ghosthigh,mystic&brutal

tyran energy / thank energy for boss comments

(mike devil, 11. 5. 2014 3:19)

..are ghotic and about 'bible g¿od..hurt high shit u bitch subject body..and about satan bible u see,ok.. I Satan bible u Bitch,hurt shit,u slave subject no real ya god high(no god human)%mike devil hurt moves'name of next actual hurt in space or name aka the next demon%like diabel morbid god(satan)

+last comment,yeah i never again hurt human'are ugly gay freakz shit from village women on village dick,shit

(mike devil, 11. 5. 2014 3:05)

ou shiiit,this looks aka alien style mix my demonistic good high space energy on bodyz deadly dirty accident'when anythinc run on me wont kill me so my target body is quick hurted&ghost bullets combos/rap tempo like nitro,cosmic speed on kill target shit

hurt politics/spirit

(mike devil(ex mike joint,mike bastard)), 11. 5. 2014 2:56)

no i am in fynali stadium in my demonistic'i think in my 12years but this is old so peoples looks over my high aka gay bird and architect (ya bible god he like create dick on monkey bodyz and his woment shit on dick'bible god is ugly bitch asshole mothafucka over create magic so again never see this shit on maryhuana sn never wont again hurt that dogz.so now this my ghost high never hurt (..)(clean of alien high(high soul)

comments mike sleng'check this politics commentS

(mike devil, 11. 5. 2014 2:27)

this is only comments,u no see power on this comments now no think me +and next comment: only i feel my from deep my self/giant ghost energy,i by cosmic create the verbaly brutaly wrong soul'dirty joke,like of spirit'hurt

+last comment:looks aka i cyclops high,my sleng:are next one morbid god rappers,like rap *mike cyrax style

(mike devil, 11. 5. 2014 2:17)

my rap style is too demonistic'u see 'only comments..i dark god portale'demon too like tracks aka i or somethinc(satan subject) like my tecnic soul ghost cyborg cyclops soul high with'first is mike brutal ,dirty mistic morbid self cosmic alien subject'like i cyrax high space control&ghost style'tyran portal&morbid alien energy,soul extazy'joint smoke'this i and like at this track joint smoke at this rap and instrumental'next one i more ghost enter to the space,one track,satan

its posible escape(about morbid attack rap)usa illbill(god high*diabel high)

(mike devil, 11. 5. 2014 2:02)

like rap 'bury you with satan (nyc necro brother of ill bill(its posible escape)

i normal and anomaly&brutal ghost cyborg(technic)

(mike devil, 11. 5. 2014 1:57)

like usa muzic track with sleng 'its posible escape (..) (about morbid attack)

oh why u so big shit and what is that vilage shit now i think alc and sex

(mike devil, 10. 5. 2014 21:29)

thank for satan he see your no soul and no technic animal life and u be done on mystic

one comments on earth/you tube team say it/fuck it i know that

(mike joint, 10. 5. 2014 21:24)

for me:well well well so replay where is all my 1387 comments/2 years in slow relax style i write comments,like this shit like like.so replay where are all: 1.here page satanic(estranka) 2.czech page satanismus (doktorka.cz) 3.olga hepnarova(girl with car massacre on page doktorka.cz) 4.bboy and page his ex girl (you tube) 5.random you tube horror and rap videos many comments(you tube) 6.oh 360comments on her six you tube videos(her i think usa'hauntedSunShineGirlNetwork'(utube)7.any comments on estranka nazi concentration 8.anela Langerova you tube 82comments(why she i dont know but no hurt this bitch'in relax pozitiv robotic comments you tube)9.hiphop videos(you tube) .ok this all,ok and high one kind comments style wow and one logic and hurt style and devil shit and mystic and evil insane dirty spam's and tecnic anomaly comments and one on you tube comments. Yay and this all quick for my smile and one

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