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us czech sleng/pozitiv comment

(mike devil joint, 30. 6. 2014 17:54)

well jestly ty rad mike comments tak ty jsi muj comments fan,nepotreb ale thank and jestly si 'fanoušek' of mike comments tak na tebe take nejsou dislike my speak in my comments.jestly like so mail me like mail and yeah on me,write on channelbrutaldark@gmail.com

for me or equalizers comments.like name of page 'satanic

(mikedevil, 29. 6. 2014 5:50)

maybe u no like this read and this was u feel my dick in ya brain,i one and u brainwash no speed your brain no have conection on real the hard sick,difucily and i one i tyran hate&spirit gate.i no dark pastor'i one and yo check my video'ytub: mike devil- hate the one dark freak, or remix hate video

i maryhuana death* real.mike.

(mikedevil*, 29. 6. 2014 5:24)

fuck bible god'my reclean(no god but czech name'Lada:)¤ .like tabaccmaryhuan joint..any ganja or skunk i aka on heroin(i in ghostspeed smoke joint'mix i again new, actual solo joints.like real space cosmic i high on planet quake diabolic ghost eruption soul tecnic style of ghost in first hurt style like i borndirt(mike politics)like first and one of this aka i was and is DiabloDiabelDeathDevil the Satan*


(mikedevijoint, 29. 6. 2014 5:08)

When see my comments so like or great but real is u asshole.like i no have dick i ghost shit(to much oldschool soul,mikepolitics) so any favorit bitch face on dysplay picture is my face equalizer i high style of my godz high(no about bible god).like face my face eq at rap,more diabolic energy'bitch face'godfamily'creat i high mix my diabolic i

like combo rap'my ghost taifune lyrics/every rap'lyrics idemoself prezentation,demolition rap'soul style'i ha ha

(mikedevil, 29. 6. 2014 4:50)

warning realdirty speak in comments'read from18year!and dont suicide ya self from high real dick from my comments'my no ocult speak'i.mike mind like on all planets life forms down dead from devildeath on subjects by satan do it'diabel style of his ghost mode,666 or name real accidents every sec or somethink speed*mike mindz(..)

like hiphop and narkotek'my freestyle rap'u know my comment diabolic dirt explozion my high

(mikedevil, 29. 6. 2014 4:35)

only 4me or read next mike'satanic comments+fuckall;).comment:
I big energy on rap the real demon sleng,one this of rapghost no by metal lyrics'like.i start rap on smoke style at instrumental my amokselfenergy over massive tyran lyrics,i devil spirit so what wait from this at instrumental like mix my dirt high,soul shit magnetismus

last comment is my next one top speak,mikedevilpolitics'speak

(mikedeviljoint, 29. 6. 2014 4:00)

i one speak'i normal u whatch on ya,ha ha.like comments are i the my mike politics

replay:oh shit this no videogame?yay much comments so are respekt on god family and satan and too power

(mikedeviljoint, 29. 6. 2014 3:38)

my satanic news:my dirty rap is i the ghostcosmic brutalnatural on smoke and freestyle inteligence'all this is my one of my i self'next diabolicgod style of spirit mix born dirty(..)check instrumental,high'next on my best rapping i devilsoul in dragon tyran rise of i new deathsoul mikedevil high from i&high of diabel ghost ,check instrumentl from 1minute:35second,youtube:narkotek-under controle.like to this my dirtspeedrap the new paranormal from i on joint smoke the i more entering to space

king size

(mike devil joint, 28. 6. 2014 21:26)

yo high speak u read this?oh shit,this are words from heaven(hell;) fuck bible god is my bitch to head attack and no god name but czech name lada.mike politics.

replay'on planet is much killers i no i demon high mix one..(in last comment)

(mikedevil, 27. 6. 2014 19:49)

like who create me or devil&death on life subjects the demolition and stop bodyz

like maybe u orlich body'the no god life(no about bible god

(mikedevil, 27. 6. 2014 19:36)

like on planet ir to much ghostkillers i no this i demon style mix one more best style the brutal&morbid born himself,i from my soulhigh one ghostextazy in alien high mix on first 'devilspirit

remix of my comment about instrumental on my satanistic rapping

(mike devil joint, 27. 6. 2014 19:21)

best on mind no dj but satan'diabel in do it murda'devil&death'immort
al ontopwrecking.like on my dirt speed dragon tyran rappin this instrumental,from 5:50second to 8minute:05sec youtube: Weser Narkotek-hardtek_to_hardcore

i mikedeviljoint[brutal himself&dirtysoul energy,ghost tecnic)

(mikedevil, 27. 6. 2014 18:53)

like my politics and like natural skill u life on bodylogy target shot,godz say it(no about bible god (..)check u feel me my ghosttecnic energy,soul high sh!T

mike sleng

(mikedevilmikedeviJ¤int, 27. 6. 2014 18:46)

like diabel<satan on bodyz all space in cosmic<all lifeforms and robotdemonspirits down dead

@6@devilrap<mikedevil] i now in comment

(mikedevil joint, 27. 6. 2014 18:43)

for me is this next star instrumental on yout
ube:Weser narkotek-Hard tek_to_Hardcore

remix of last comment

(mike bd(mike devil joint), 27. 6. 2014 11:51)

hey yo! I one politics on planet.and how many humanz and demons print my world high speak in comments , my you tube comments or maybe this page. like name of this page'satanic

replay: comments no dislike on her photo

(mike bd, 27. 6. 2014 11:46)

when read my high shit so u hard the real satanistic.how many subjects print my utub and this world comments .fuck.but yeah iam high,difrent no aka humanz or you.l demon and anomaly new style of boss spirit

wow this no my page but somebody girl photo,fuck it now my page u slavery

(mike devil joint.mikedevilmikedevilmikedevilmike, 26. 6. 2014 22:32)

like mike politics,like diabel ghost(saTan)

i have new satanic name or only for me comments?fuck it

(mike devil joint, 26. 6. 2014 22:27)

i no nazi but like documents about hitler ,satanic. Like fuck prag,tak treba autobusove nadrazi'smichov tak to by si urcite rad hitler oplotil a new osvetim z moderni technic plynovejma buňkami,new style *birkenau 2014 the future

to much toilet on planet,space have acident=diabel?

(mike devil joint , 26. 6. 2014 22:19)

like vyndam si dick a bouchne me prostor at piss or masturbate,my bitch.ble ble rausen

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