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raplay +super Mike politics

(mikedevilbeastdirt, 21. 6. 2015 22:36)

So no dislike that in 6:00morning delete link,from private to much comments here. so delete in 6:00clock. Anyway: :) 1)ytub comment are2gmails so Slipknot havez link. 2) many comments about this page on Slipknot allround that comment with link. 3)Maybe now Any member of Slipknot is after'was on your page. 4)Band know your cartoon picture'Maggots. 5)this was by mike devil about you and Slipknot on real you tube Slipknot channel. 6)for funn and super next comments here about this 7)too aka thank for many 'page space'on Mike comments.

dx all Mortal kombat fatalites are Ill Bill

(Mike beastdirtdevil, 21. 6. 2015 18:39)

Necro human trafic clip too about your czech state! U must see tha megaHip Hop official clip dx ytube: Necro-human traffic(white slavery part2)

about comments

( mike beastdirt devil , 21. 6. 2015 18:28)

+dx my comments no are Rap! This only comment.(this politics is for when any handicaps now read this like a retarded dx that handicaps body off..Satan on his bodyz dx by Diabel da devil on subjects all planet with life forms..dx one Devil that after shot that on body from shot qualite matrixCosmic

all 3568 comments on net no about sex..no like sex animal bullshit...this page too no about sex..all is hard hurt slang tyran

( mike beastdirt devil , 21. 6. 2015 18:20)

Demon language and Mike dirtyDemon high self but morbid intel spirit and Mike dirtyBastard soulrise Rap

halucination comments and dirt speak

( mike beast dirt devil, 21. 6. 2015 18:10)

..but i must delete that link comment so quick u look or u after that 'Slipknot..delete for.my private..really..i dont like when bodyz read me much hate.maybe no.problem..mouse headz puppet mouth and head every on planet d: ..delete..comment be visible to next to 6:06hours ..channel Slipknot have copy of comment anyway(ytub comment are 2 gmails d:true.

vol3 last comment about satanic.estranky link on real Slipknot ytub channel'comment is at video ytub and too in posts of...

( mike beast dirt devil, 21. 6. 2015 18:03)

..in posts of channelbrutaldark d: find me.iam easy visible at video in comments..ytub: Necro-unsub

i high vol 2 .

( mike beast dirt devil, 21. 6. 2015 17:58)

On that page is many comment so how find that link u liar,on page are 101 comments u crazy get of.. Mike:aha so that link have blue name so u see that comment with ya link on Slipknot channel D: ..comment is..that 39.comment ago from 101.comment

on her page:Slipknot haves link net adress on this page. in posts of cahnnelbrutaldark too in comments at video spit it out

( mikebeastdirtdevil, 21. 6. 2015 11:54)

Aha d:

*i High*second comment ago is about i speak to comment about this satanic page on real ytub Slipknot channel !! *i High*

(mikebeastdirtdevil, 20. 6. 2015 6:35)

fuck bible god is my juden,is pretty,is my pig and that maryhuana plant'that pig is my alien.

for funn new many ytub comments in posts-about:

(mike'beastdirt'devil, 20. 6. 2015 6:28)

in my posts news aka 25new comm at Slipknot,Necro 36new in combo at clip schizophrenia,next new at new video 'cctv camera real murda with car Suge knight Rapper (on cnn was too,real ! hot comments at MURDA video da 49new comments,next video new 50comments at 50cent video D: dx pausen full hobby dx machine hyen in relax after rap and still smoke and still any ill D!:

D: right now i was on real Slipknot ytub channel and i too comments about her photos page!!+soon slipknot got link on thisPage!

(mike'beastdirt'devil (now in comment politic relax), 20. 6. 2015 6:18)

Right now i was on real 'Slipknot channel'(ytube)and new 25comments!completly over 60comments on that ytub Slipknot page and be more..111comments! :) (in posts are too videoz with 176comments and next 222comments or next 500 at 1video! *posts of my 'channelbrutaldark' find channel at youtube video with red picture: Necro-unsub

raplay 'Lada the biblegod no spooky me in czech and never again bullshit body and place village ugly&gay

(mike beastdirt devil, 6. 6. 2015 14:22)

+never back again now i am in germany city name.. good place..humanz no it problems. xd like to comment mindz speak heavy mentality.dx in posts are comments too at korn video and ha haha that my dislikes d: but think like band only smile munky guitar classic&dark.

last comm..

(mike beastdirt devil, 6. 6. 2015 14:10)

you tube : narkotek-forever groove

last comm...

(mike devil beastdirt, 6. 6. 2015 13:43)

narkotek instrumental da no dj but this sound i in devil combos hurting subjects in space top creature magnetism gatesplat boss moving or in mind with fantasy how looks the Satan in he do it Diabel on bodyz tek dirt tempo narc tek

last comment vol12.

(mike beastdirt devil, 6. 6. 2015 13:36)

your bible god goting beating telepate rap too, to favorit subject but this old my style .like when Kristin(from her photos)trust in somethink aka Satan posible exist or cosmic is from half very boss satanistic and godmother maryhuana boss of create that kind in space

last comment vol11.

(mike beastdirt devil, 6. 6. 2015 13:20)

i think this that deadly phone videogame but next icon is

last comment vol10.

(mike beastdirt devil, 6. 6. 2015 13:13)

bo hot nescafe 3in1 and joint hmmmm anyway i next boss mindz true color. So Kristina still no touch and no delete comments..like slang 'salute. dx her photos is stronge satanist when this in shockdelete comments..deicide

last comment vol9.

(mike beastdirt devil, 6. 6. 2015 13:06)

+many home videoz or brutal arts or olgaaaaa :-) but on smoke i no do it that mp4peace..on joint cigaret da maryhuanatabacc join..only on top entering dirt open gate in nothing or on mike devil dirt diabolic amok ghost demon language self speak mix prehistoric cosmic feel that my boss hate and on tyrant explodez.half immortal.

last comment vol8.

(mike beastdirt devil, 6. 6. 2015 12:54)

from home i see tower of castle da ex any ss high officer..pretty and some body this in my family like this nazi history so i was rec that for him family member and he be lucky..like rec from car low speed good catch

last comment vol7.

(mike beastdirt devil, 6. 6. 2015 12:48)

channelbrutaldark-bullet to skull (art mix in dirt tekno instrumenal)

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