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like who create cosmic and like demolition and death on bodyz or fire on bodyz

(mikedevil, 2. 7. 2014 0:12)

u monkey with speak skill and u have new day'ya fantasy in wow u high in ya day.lol,real. Check my iQ and my speak to comments,u brainwash and ya family are pigs,satanic

i europe us white nigga gun shoting killing

(mikedevil, 2. 7. 2014 0:08)

u baby bitch u czech bitch in man body u looks aka gay natural u shit aka was in 1600year.fuck ya u bible bitch bla bla god and satan,u aSShole aka ya family,u trash,u nothing and u have new day.lol

so tak jetly neexistuje satan so ja jsem to nejbizard and brutal o kterem si slyšela and ani film to nezajede

(mikedevil , 1. 7. 2014 20:03)

nadpis+ bla bla ale satan existuje.and ty víš?ty jsi snim mluwil? Tak leda se dá rozmetat tělo and tim ho zabít'rad jmeno toho the devil and death on body

okoukane detske photos and ugly czech

(mikedevil, 1. 7. 2014 18:27)

rad prostor musi vyklubavat ježečky a labuťe and na wc ošefovat těla'piss and ty těla z penisem musí prostor vylovovat :) to je vas buh and satan?? Nebo jak to myslely v tom 1600year? or 0year? and v te dobe existovalo oblečení už :)))) and ten satan už ale ulovil srnek a krtečku and prostor to tvořil ta clown first bitch nebo to netvořil tvuj buh and satan to nezabil nebo jak je to :)))))))))) ty obrna soul tak jako tak.lol

remix of last comment

(mikedevil, 1. 7. 2014 18:19)

wow czech cow bodyz have iphone,onision!!! Like name lepra

mrtvice state,100%nevis co tim myslim,škoda(spirituale eyes and hurt and one rap) like name 'jezeďákow

(mikedevil, 1. 7. 2014 18:18)

hmmm i think nikdo me nema rad v czech state :( :))))))) ;)

murda sleng

(mikedevil, 1. 7. 2014 13:49)

dont like czech brains,fails natural'fly in human body,top in prag,scary ugly face and stupid aka retard dog after accident.comment no dislike but true.hm

murda sleng

(mikedevil, 1. 7. 2014 13:45)

ou shit ,10comments are dislike about satan,ups my bad,hmmm super dirty comments but yay now i scary from satan.lol

630.comment in folder my photo

(mikedeviljoint, 1. 7. 2014 0:52)

krom her photos+about she and krom my comments je tato net page smrdutý rybník viz comments'gas chamber on litlle assholes fly's in human bodyz and from satan bible lyrics..:))).. *bitch check i bible u know or u asshole,real

next comment,now pozitiv speak

(mike d joint, 30. 6. 2014 18:25)

i ghost high i use my dick only on toilet (..) no like human body is ugly 4 me,ups. But yeah pretty face at ghotic and satanic girls or at indian bitch or white czech or germany born in 1974 or somethink

i next us raprazent rap and only iam in czech rapper(no dislike on usa bandz when are in czech)

(mike d, 30. 6. 2014 18:18)

i&maryhuan (..)like sepultura roots cd and all cd,like cosmic space is too the real no only on girafe create the asshole shit space or on piss my body

like czech disneyland,you know what i think?spirit eyes,yay bodyz,1733year?help:)

(mikedevil, 30. 6. 2014 18:04)

nadpis no about satanistic peoples and no on pretty girl and like ghotic girls'hmmmmmmm hot

+last comment.only 1mail i write back no more your adress

(mike d, 30. 6. 2014 17:59)

well i too god,high but no have immortal.fucking bible god&gay, like satan,realy exist satan?i dont know but devildeath on bodyz exist.lol

us czech sleng/pozitiv comment

(mike devil joint, 30. 6. 2014 17:54)

well jestly ty rad mike comments tak ty jsi muj comments fan,nepotreb ale thank and jestly si 'fanoušek' of mike comments tak na tebe take nejsou dislike my speak in my comments.jestly like so mail me like mail and yeah on me,write on channelbrutaldark@gmail.com

for me or equalizers comments.like name of page 'satanic

(mikedevil, 29. 6. 2014 5:50)

maybe u no like this read and this was u feel my dick in ya brain,i one and u brainwash no speed your brain no have conection on real the hard sick,difucily and i one i tyran hate&spirit gate.i no dark pastor'i one and yo check my video'ytub: mike devil- hate the one dark freak, or remix hate video

i maryhuana death* real.mike.

(mikedevil*, 29. 6. 2014 5:24)

fuck bible god'my reclean(no god but czech name'Lada:)¤ .like tabaccmaryhuan joint..any ganja or skunk i aka on heroin(i in ghostspeed smoke joint'mix i again new, actual solo joints.like real space cosmic i high on planet quake diabolic ghost eruption soul tecnic style of ghost in first hurt style like i borndirt(mike politics)like first and one of this aka i was and is DiabloDiabelDeathDevil the Satan*


(mikedevijoint, 29. 6. 2014 5:08)

When see my comments so like or great but real is u asshole.like i no have dick i ghost shit(to much oldschool soul,mikepolitics) so any favorit bitch face on dysplay picture is my face equalizer i high style of my godz high(no about bible god).like face my face eq at rap,more diabolic energy'bitch face'godfamily'creat i high mix my diabolic i

like combo rap'my ghost taifune lyrics/every rap'lyrics idemoself prezentation,demolition rap'soul style'i ha ha

(mikedevil, 29. 6. 2014 4:50)

warning realdirty speak in comments'read from18year!and dont suicide ya self from high real dick from my comments'my no ocult speak'i.mike mind like on all planets life forms down dead from devildeath on subjects by satan do it'diabel style of his ghost mode,666 or name real accidents every sec or somethink speed*mike mindz(..)

like hiphop and narkotek'my freestyle rap'u know my comment diabolic dirt explozion my high

(mikedevil, 29. 6. 2014 4:35)

only 4me or read next mike'satanic comments+fuckall;).comment:
I big energy on rap the real demon sleng,one this of rapghost no by metal lyrics'like.i start rap on smoke style at instrumental my amokselfenergy over massive tyran lyrics,i devil spirit so what wait from this at instrumental like mix my dirt high,soul shit magnetismus

last comment is my next one top speak,mikedevilpolitics'speak

(mikedeviljoint, 29. 6. 2014 4:00)

i one speak'i normal u whatch on ya,ha ha.like comments are i the my mike politics

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