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+preview comment: mike no like sex..mike is dirt ghost factory devil life cyborg demonOccult system the aliendevil .xd.

(mike white mbddevil, 2. 2. 2015 23:55)

SPECIAL BONUS COMMENT FOR HER PHOTOS: SHE aka i LIKE SLIPKNOT AND--- sid0#number from Slipknot featuring in favorit new new RAP CLIP-you tube: Necro-smooth crimi

next last comment d:

(mike white/m beastdirt devil, 2. 2. 2015 23:46)

i after over 3000comments on net/2years relax tempo and now i stop comments for ever?maybe.HEY KRISTIN WHEN U EXIST AND THIS PAGE IS YOUR SO GIVE ME WHERE YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE ONLY ON i like READ SOMETHINK IN RELAX ANd Whö are you and no comment on ya fb because havez dirty speak hm so u write here UNDER MIKE COMMENT OR USE MY GMAIL:channelbrutaldark@gmail.com

thank for satanist when thinks about posible exist the SATAN

(MIKE WHITE, 2. 2. 2015 15:04)

but u this is never the about in preview comment or THIS SELF aka i show in comments

my rapfreestyle is aka from tv film the demon language in amoc but no film..shocking joint'self

(mike'beastdirt'devil, 2. 2. 2015 14:58)

like instrumental-THIS IS 'DEMON' START ATTACKING DEJAWEE'THIS IN 9minute: 20second-youtube: seno(Narkotek)-battle of beats livestream

about !

(MikeDevil, 21. 1. 2015 17:46)

hmmmmm I OUT OF CZECH AND NEVER AGAIN..WHEN u LIKE my mike comments so u very inteligence and U NEVER STRIKE IN CZECH HUMANZ BECAUSE THIS DIABEL NO LIKE ON EAT THIS IS TOP GAY TRUST ME OR U no like mike devil comments lol

about my soul move over mentality speak or write to comments

(mdevil.mwhite the beast d, 19. 1. 2015 19:36)

I dont know how your reaction on mike comments u no write comment but when like so your problem:) -many comments on read this all u no smoke much comments and thank for space i needs comment fot this s my next relax in creatre comment and i feel great at create and yay that many comments and look on style of speak..high and devil shit! Like this my pages are very one on planet in comments.maybe i know your mindz about this read when u like it or not. Check like comments new 112 comments at video mr hyde-much of madness more of sin (on you tube rap clip and at clip comments..this time are comments negativ+pozitiv because this demon talk with me on concet and like me so i make comment page at his this video

repair comment about when i was in czech or prag so...

(mike white.mdbeast, 19. 1. 2015 19:19)

...So is ok that city good n look that centrum or buildings at river vltava or that humanz from no czech so when i dislike prag so i think only humanz and no city and dislike think to location at end metro station all station..this place no prag only on wall is prag street but not this are start top village location on trip bodyz and his funny houses and dogz on garden and this asshole natural..dont come aka is cerny most or jizak sidliste or all localit long after centrum..this i think in dislike and like prag 1 or prag 2 but from prag 3 to end is very shit on bodyz lsd and all place in prag are disqalification because much homeless dont come or run away,really.like liberec place at germany or somethink its clean but too space start his infection by satan the space more born gipsys brown coalas haaaahahaa brown pigs and u no afric but great when lissen hiphop but low low u funny

to your state messages with your language,pozitiv speak for her photo:

(mikewhite m dirt b, 17. 1. 2015 19:15)

kristin nebud nikdy v zadne satanist cult ve skupine jsou to vsechno zombie a jen makety demona a jeste z fiktivni satan bible a tyto idiots jsou jen klauni a zkoncej v cele na ježišek těla d: a take tim myslim žadne takoveto skupiny v zahraniči a nikde,shit,znam i přibeh jedne divky ktera byla v alkaida skupine a pak v satanske skupine a ta jim vařila a dávala sex všem ve skupine a oni ji stejne zabily a hodily z vlaku a toto sve satanske sestře udelaly jen pro zmatnuti stop kuli poliz kuli ťem nejlehčim tělum a to ani nešlo o real enemy the demonz the TYRANTS


(mike beast dirt, 17. 1. 2015 18:53)

+preview comment.. Oh shit this my finaly death mentaly reclean no be dislike on my godz sorrrry like i insane and hurt demolition taifune when angry me space aka need piss again or somethink u see that on satan i no on human body i morbid ghost and transform to rap blizard organizm yep

outro comment:

(mike beast dirt, 13. 1. 2015 19:20)


shut up and from new year 2015 i NEVER BE AGAIN IN YOUR CZECH ASSHOLE STATE die on ufo and hitler

(mike devil, 8. 1. 2015 23:05)

fuck czech the bullshit your cow teritorium ha ha


(olga, 7. 1. 2015 21:19)

to byl 1000.koment a je pryč ze stranky konečně grázl

no like comments'power from much full and dirty speed progress from cold high next kingstyle

(mikeddirtb, 31. 12. 2014 3:23)

preview comment in that 'like this my real mindz.. this think this was about i and style of my all comment from i hate power on word art sick.fuck alcohol water deadplant maryhuan&tabbac joint one refresh and king feel your high self like create by godmother and my pretty brutal self serious fat antipig comments like brutalcosmic like bible'SatanDeath'or god mother like morbiddrumms in tek tempo like joint at instrumental,every and topneed magnetism to hurt self rapping like in mind 3speed rapping morbid alienistic satanic and power i or from likeawe shine mind on *DeathmanDiabel awe Death family MORBIDSpirits*like this in Diablo spininG all planet life form demolition&dead.i genius&devil tytan high nextgod in halfimmortal like hurtrap freestyle combos dirtymistic stronge.iam ya bible no humanz rats scary from all&nostyle girafesoul.like cosmic wrecking taifune one spirit.like style of my self is diabolic dirt u feel dick in comment big demon hurt and shock slang

posible so when exist Satan so like&and is from every sec devil accident planet

(mike d dirt b, 31. 12. 2014 2:46)

999.comment:666comments on mind my page,her.like this my real mindz high this style because cosmic and his create is this style in full your self.this raprazent mind comments in yours czech and my comments is one on planet art shit soulhell fire karma and dirty devil anomaly subject

+3comments..big demon rap

(mikedevilbeastdirt, 31. 12. 2014 2:31)

next king *freestyle rapping* of soul and dirt brutal self like morbid nitro's like 5hours ghost jointsmoke soul rap no playing..real dirt shock from high cosmic power&bornmorbid self in Rap beast riseing really hurt and speed next god enter the

+2 preview mind comments at joint

(mwhite.mddirtb, 31. 12. 2014 2:01)

this style of instrumental is top brutal sound and top evil instrumental and best favorit my dirtTyran rapping in double devil satanic speed and mix like finaly serious in morbid jin devil rap combos hurt slang

+preview comment mix at joint:

(mikedbdirt, 31. 12. 2014 1:54)

this instrumental looks aka crazy skock accident devil shit..high pow and diabolic from dj..top like with deep morbid tekno drums&alienistic dirt entering style of instrumental

this instrumental from 2:51 to end..next best i find it on youtube

(mikeddb, 31. 12. 2014 1:50)


somethime on maryhuana comments

(mikedbdirt, 29. 12. 2014 21:42)

like i diabolic dirt..this high mindz.like my self too alienistic or demonistic..in first place my self morbidbrutalcrazydevil and soul finaly high

high self in comments

(mike devil the beast dirt, 29. 12. 2014 21:35)

look on date quick new 56 comments at you tube video MrHyde-much of madness more of sin

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