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antipig politics

(mwhite, 2. 12. 2014 15:15)

how long u be write on this page?? ..i dont know but i after big comment eat so stop write mind comments on all net page/this or youtube/complet my need it/over 3000comments on net/2years/wow this no was deadly videogame¿Yay that many net speak.insane ufo messages.

/raplay:i brutal prelude..and ty lada or čapek plicni edem or somethink ja fresh plice

(mike.us czech.devil, 2. 12. 2014 15:07)

maybe girl on page photos like and have the czech juden boy'best like when he read satanism bible or mike joint comments :)))))))))))nice photo d: xd: www rotten photo?

..u no handicap and fuck satanism bible but thank for try be high/oh shit complet dislike on who write dark bible book

(mwhitemdevil, 2. 12. 2014 15:02)

ha ha net automat touch dislike again/my page satanic/lastz combo is best that 27comments from 1.12.2014. ....hm this was mike devil in mwhite soul smacking speak and satanistic combo..hm but only comments'rap have more best'4more hurt shit and ghost style come to one lap stronge/paranormal..bullshit it only i. ty Lada

u no handicap u only animal so salute in u have clothes

(mikewhitemdevil, 2. 12. 2014 14:17)

::preview comments:ha net ouijou or only flames at shot speak

like SatanDeath beast rise all planet shot

(mike devil, 2. 12. 2014 1:12)

+preview comment:brutal*but too best normal rap ;)*but that morbid psycho double speed style of soul high devil death frekvention and like soul style come to fynali quake dirt godhurt&like next planet one combos/rap in progress/soulhate slang/tyran.ahoj jana.

i ganja crematorium deadgreen

(mike devil, 2. 12. 2014 1:03)

+preview comment:gay that pig so best only target frekvention'clean..but your morbid need first orlich(biblegod)


(mike devil, 2. 12. 2014 0:35)

+preview comment:yeah mix onis on Satan too but my dirt slang frekvention in lap so this was only salute on everysec xd:i got pigs in.dx:mix fuck bible alec gay create old man in piss create

alec or eshtrey,fuck it*bitch of bible'orlich*like antiorlich,whitch or i be immortal now too much

(mwhite.mdevil, 2. 12. 2014 0:28)

26.mind comment today and this style hmm u no bla bla state,raprazent in next relax work..my page..ohshit today mind speak to comment too..flesh fresh shit aka batle rap in double speed or somethink.rap is difrent..to much real now'prehistorical cosmic high and start mix onision on Satan high every sec wrecking hm hard.hardtek or narkotek.rap d:

by eshtrey creautures'pigs'jedničkari*i too d:

(mike devil, 2. 12. 2014 0:16)

25¤ ..demonlogy self logic&morbid hurt self.like ufo inteligence mix'from soul'i¥like ugly demon high i this u feel u zero.like cosmic eutonazy to all familys on planet every sec dead

+bible god'asshole

(mike devil, 2. 12. 2014 0:09)

bboy architect of bible village generation :) dick&giraffe he create rotten&eshtrey under satan controle hurt program.mouthshotlogy.


(mwhitemd, 1. 12. 2014 23:51)

+preview comment:yeah 9joints but this think write on no smoke eat and later litle shit but joint only at instrumentl magnetism dirt'soul dirt, magic

22.comment/3cappucc/9solojoints/nowork/high/nopig/¥/rap/soulsatanism/bermuda triangle dark brutal self

(mike devil'mwhite, 1. 12. 2014 23:45)

like at drin caffe watch on humanz walk and talks bullshit scary funnistic show brainwash tv at cappuccinno13kč22kčdouble like mix antiorlich space out of natural space,metro or this,die village and dogzsound¥to god mother spine¥1.raspect for mdevil how from hate on dogz snyf devildeath aQuite feel&die god with bullshit Satan to brains1.city and what was that on sec on experiment¿village space'architect in kovac style,one.brutal,by diabel space or after eyacuatme brainwsh nuclear accident in place chernobyl tail devil radioation of explozion4reactörDevil

insane net page/on cz net one one slang/raprazent page/miked

(mcyrax, 1. 12. 2014 23:31)

to brain feel mind comments devil shit..this high u never feel in your system&actuals slang energy of to much was in soulrise ugly quite taifune high..this too new so that shit u must feel too only from one band on planet'nyc or from Satan or somethink all dont know this mind comments or u scary giraffe soul and u suck me over was in hospital sorr on poliz station i think or u like so hm clean carma and look on me¥ugly¥mdevil¥

suck or no body like mindz

(mwhite.md, 1. 12. 2014 23:19)

+preview mind comment/yeah comment or everyday aka 3capuccinö newspaper shop or aka joints&1dejawee high occult from self1

raplay:sun in eye'godmother eyewreck fail create death harmony trip

(mikewhite'mdevil, 1. 12. 2014 22:43)

19.comment today..long time no think over comment:mind rip comments..this shit is energy on next part of genocide dirt ghost bullets rap noice or on over immortal planet eyacexucation'diabolicdevil death style of high'hurt tyran god wreck&radioation demolition devastation soulshit


(mdevilmwhite, 1. 12. 2014 22:34)

+preview comment:hm on bodyz training or somethink or what the fuck was that immortalheroin d:

dirty speed

(mwhite'mdevil, 1. 12. 2014 22:24)

that of bible eat jesus shit my program and like aka on heroin on joint smoke&next one self at morbid tek instrumental(hiphop in speed dj)like sintetik machine and god smack rapping targets body explozion and devil portale position of high of man

demolition moveing

(mike devil, 1. 12. 2014 22:17)

like from high quick dead and start demon demolition to body

bizard truth aka 1000 000 000 000 000..money

(mike white.mdevil, 1. 12. 2014 22:12)

+preview mindz:or oh shit soul do it bo aka top hurting from god of war3game in devastation or i soul automaticly start my godmode when start joint&instrumental (..)d:mystic,i no i mikedevil,yes u are

ofbibleEsthrey do it start create of jesus bodyz(humanz)..ugly motha fucka is and suck dicker he create dick one gay

(mike devil, 1. 12. 2014 22:04)

like Satangod see how looks my *soulriseing i no..in body but *feelthat..somebody no have immortal and back hate on god mother i one in overgod slang and wow power from this ¤nę

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