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last comment vol7.

(mike beastdirt devil, 6. 6. 2015 12:48)

channelbrutaldark-bullet to skull (art mix in dirt tekno instrumenal)

last comment vol6.

(mike beastdirt devil, 6. 6. 2015 12:45)

i have next a relax channel about czech girl punisher with truck 8dead and many amputation ..this channel is ex girl friend but from 25%too my and all videos tag names and last time after my repair that channel reinstal..now is this more dope hard ytub dokument and kind about Devil shit in that czech..prag..strosmayer namesti..old truck car massacre 22year pretty black hair psychic..name of channel is Olga 'Hepnarová .youtube-Olga Hepnarova and that 89shortvideoz about her i from many too rec and like make mp4 d ..in videos no only many styles of video place of that killing but betwen videos are too photo Olga Hepnar or somebody read two books about her 2books videoz and next high shit! open channel..mike devil in relax too creater of that channel..like Olga face video+da art videos

last comment vol5.

(mike beastdirt devil, 6. 6. 2015 12:35)

all is by iphone comments..style hold phone aka psx portable d: dx like c5nokia love but hard keyboard d:

last comment vol4.

(mike beastdirt devil, 6. 6. 2015 12:32)

How easy find my channel with comments?;-)so u write to youtube:Necro-unsub ...find me in comments of video that 500comments ha ha ..name of comments 'channel brutaldark

last comment vol3.

(mike beastdirt devil, 6. 6. 2015 12:17)

alien hurt slang da max

last comment vol2.

(mike beastdirt devil, 6. 6. 2015 12:15)

in posts of my channelbrutaldark eare many many new comments xd king of comments in finaly make page of posts of that channel..and at youtube videos 'again sunshine,50comments for real '50Cent'channel,next video Slipknot spit it out clip,2Necro clips and video Baaara new many ill comments(ondrasek kuřim and'Baaara dx like on bara 'she my pig,is criminal,this never for company,my and that she hurt?that my czechjuden pig is alien or wtf. xd like on Slipknot about9members da 9 a one like comments and next many comnents about that psychoDeathMetal..one. dx:that 2nd clip da Necro..in clip are handicaps and two in clips with handicaps&Rap in my posts:Necro-schizophrenia and 2nd clip Necro-i need drugs (russ psychiatric ward rave) @oh yea all you mothafuckas when u read this so one comments on planet and only i this bomb i start that..like all comments after many hours joint smoke and real freestyleRap hurt combos taifune quake kind spirit and born dirt self crazy logical natural warning

comments complet

( mike beast dirt devil, 7. 5. 2015 14:56)

raplay mike beastdirt devil now live in germany and good state,dont see hitler state,where is,back worldwar2!

(mike bd d, 12. 4. 2015 3:19)

first comments on net i start in 2012 on youtube hauntedsunshinegirl network and now this timez i stop comments cuz i no post office or posts comments office,hm and that 3333comments was super eat,DEMON

Re: raplay mike beastdirt devil now live in germany and good state,dont see hitler state,where is,back worldwar2!

(mik bastard.mdevil, 30. 4. 2015 14:04)

Pigs planet natural da first juden

raplay:mike beastdirt devil now live in germany and good state,dont see hitler state,where is,back worldwar2!

(mike beastdirt devil, 5. 5. 2015 23:31)

for me:goood byeee u insane anonym

Re: raplay mike beastdirt devil now live in germany and good state,dont see hitler state,where is,back worldwar2!

( mike beast dirt devil, 2. 5. 2015 22:12)

*gg":-&":¢»§^«¥¥£¢_££££££££¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡»}[}}§§§¥¥¥:-D:-P<3<3:-Q<3 XD:-V:-@XD:-D:-D:-X:-D :-XXD:O :'(XDXD:-DXDXD=-O XDXD:-D:-X:-X:-X:-Dudsfhhbbbbbbvv g ffsDbhggXDXDXDXDXD :-Q:-Q XDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXDXD XDXDXDXDXDXD XDXDo_O=-OXDB-)o_O:-Q:-Xo_O<3

i bro of satan and i father of kristina girl!!!

(mikebdd, 5. 5. 2015 23:28)

like still have plastic gloves because hate human skin

+second preview comment

(mike'beastdirt'devil, 5. 5. 2015 16:54)

only on joint smoke i trust about but normal aka now-no exist that satan only in film or in juden bible or in kidbitch fantasy! ..but who kill all girafes,i know this was gandalf

originale in comment after many hours hurt freestyle rapping'top love'Narkotek

(mikebeastdirtdevil , 4. 5. 2015 21:51)

+..after many hours rapping comments: high smoke'self,like most devil and real demonistic the speed in hate explode controle matrix

like cosmic on explode bodyz

(mikebeastdirtdevil, 4. 5. 2015 21:32)

on planet to much wreck '6Satan?66 or cosmic natural eutonazy aka is eruption of vulcano but this powerfull cosmic Killing or Satan

like Lizzie Borden axe massacre her father and 2.mum

(mikebeastdirtdevil, 4. 5. 2015 21:28)

ytub:Lizzie borden axe murda ,check this too ytub:narkotek-axe310

that about Satan think posible so High Satan god hate murda all planet cosmic Diabel in spin

(mike'beastdirt'devil, 4. 5. 2015 21:21)

rip on Satan bible'bullshit by no top/world¿/Like onez by cosmic and Diabel but only Satan like that on bodyz D/hurt dope shit,spirituale mix

+preview comment: D xd >xxl xxl shot

(mike'beastdirt'devil, 4. 5. 2015 21:16)

bastard slang,rmx of net comment'mike: check this fo funn,i know 4languages and 1.is france language tekborn narkotek on youtube,plus i useurope borndirt like da english slang 1stplace. +preview comment:this is really in posts of channelbrutaldark

this my to newyork my comment satan slang

(mike devil beastdirt, 4. 5. 2015 1:01)


uprava-vlozit text:
Channel BrutalDark
před 2 měsícilast comment and 222.comment d : in 1hour:16minte:38second in film predator2. ..this high speed crazy devil Deathsmack kinda laboratory shot next king shit on planet space like MORBID&AlienistiC,this are too Cyrcle of Tyrants,much,like every Satan's space but this are max aka immortal over human'antimortal'Soulsatanistic no about satan book or bible,on devil god the that what is on body that deform after shot to subject,like mix 'top from trip is instrumental' the do it hurting hurtDejawee targeting,like Godz on pop explode bodyz

smoke only on..

(mike beastdirt devil, 1. 5. 2015 14:55)

..rap or subjectology,we all no exist..aka only target on next da no copy of Satan by alienMORBID exploze ya head at start instrumental in start from 5:56sec(narkotek-fatidikblack dik)on genocide style dope&manyBullets rottationDEMOLITION

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