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like my next self'zero dislike in my mind on Satan because

(mikewhite.mikedevil., 19. 8. 2014 19:48)

real slang is vol.9andvol.10is only on bible god when he try create and fail and too try devil shit,bitch,any name but no on respect Satan and his home.best like Satan at dirty instrumental and he do it the Diabel/on bodyz the devil&death.. high o freak on bodyz,like technicly on all planet in cosmic whit life,prelude,all planet devil and boxing,King. New comment:i say in comment 'i killing but no bodyz,never:)not.new comment:like my dirt diabolic high self and brutal self like top my self is on joint smoke and hard tek instrumental'narkotek youtube,like my dirty high on smoke and mix my death slang rapping in.

top like my comment vol.10 from GOLDEN MINDZ about satan suck and smoke dick

(mikedevil, 18. 8. 2014 20:17)

truth is cosmic is satan and god and u give this bitch two names,why,fiction all bibles,like when i piss so cosmic space do it his work and later in my 40age cosmic space done my body after i piss ha ha ha ha ha hah

..my positive comments no dislike on me the mikedevil'hard love for this next my next self the high diabolic&dirty speed

(mikedevil the mike white(ex mike bastard and mike devil joint), 18. 8. 2014 18:04)

when any gothic girl like mike satanic speak in comments so great and all hard comments nodislike on you too u gothic,oh u really like this read,i think not,morbidbrutl

Replay:all my comments on any net page are no dislike(no fuck) on kristina girl'soul

(mike white.md., 18. 8. 2014 17:13)

.i hope gypsis no read my comments or fuckoff u fly shit aka are prag fly humanz the nothing.like crematorium on pets-youtube video .oh yeah when anybody say i copy satan or somethink so yes but only when u asshole or when u still alive in hospital after somebody shot ya and u have still bullet in head and read my comments(no copy satan and no copy any bitch from bible)

on utub more new comments\unsub vid

(mikewhite(md), 17. 8. 2014 23:38)

well this is all on this net page,maybe u in shock from comments but this self is normal or u animal.u all die with ya familys,u trash folder of space program

last three mind comments are 3parts about mike and rapping,onision. Now new comment,ok:

(mwhitemikedevil, 15. 8. 2014 21:37)

(on mind comments,mike politic:like cosmic in alive and all planets satan attacking the top death killer dejawee from the Satan do it the Diabel do it devil&death on bodyz.all planet with life(:)ill cosmic,like&too one.

+for last my mind comment

(mw.mikedevil., 15. 8. 2014 21:26)

yeah and fuck it do it cd because hate face and bodyz so no,never,chronicly and fuck to much bodyz at stage,hate and gay bodyz or something,i on muzic but only for my mind and like my quake tyran rap&dobuble tempo ghost energy,like three speed nitro,i soul aka from hexen videogame or somthink mix my top like self morbiddiabolic'from death high'i,like rap combos from start instrumental to eng,ufo satanistic&logic&one brutal high,like switch mix to bible and like biblesatangod and *like my dirty one murda rapping on god from bible'my bitch*

my self is dirt ghostgod spirit&i brutal,mix like my kinda style&i my self mikedevil

(mikew.mdevil, 15. 8. 2014 20:58)

in lasts my mindz comments i speak about my solo tracks,yeah'speed hip hop instrumental with deadly beet drums and hard bass and like scyfi treeble or with two pianos.(comp program name 'reason,yeah high).best like my rap feestylez'next one,¿ .some. New comment: i have any tracks but i no like create this,easy but like my demon high in like no work and deathgod rap freestyles devil shit

hurt slang,one,mix dirtdiabolic soulstyle,this is what from my high mindz

(mw.mike devil., 15. 8. 2014 20:32)

my self is unreal from to much high feel real.like my joint,dirty rap smoke cigarets5hours(..).like rap self deathking in devil rapping(mind ghost riseing in stand,like this energy on god high wrath'ing&crazy high of cosmic feeling

top like my mike*demolition*slang in comments.litle any pozitiv comments(9%from this net page comments)

(mike w.mike devil., 15. 8. 2014 20:19)

on mind:like my comments.top like my no comments but my quake rap*freestyles*1.new comment:know how do it on rap instrumental(..).like my any solo muzic tracks,great aka my comments or something awsome

fuck human the bullshit + no dislike on my 2like&2like:all die viva diabel

(mwhite.mikedevil, 14. 8. 2014 23:02)

wow mike comments in folder metal,ha ha ha ha ha ha ha,hard and like top brutal muzic'rap,like i new style in diabolicDirt


(mikedevil, 14. 8. 2014 22:54)

oběšen*robie williams actor die on suicide

real&high mike

(mikewhite.mdevil, 14. 8. 2014 21:45)

next my mindz: like name psycho,but second name of 'psycho' is speed or shadow or demonistic,like auschwitz bodyz(handicap bodyz) when speaks about psychos peoples and no are and like when in this position speaks about how are high ;)

oh!!ty musíš realne 'chodit do prace and ha ha gay cz slang

(mikedevil.mikewhite, 14. 8. 2014 20:59)

like ja prodavam hard instrumentals for german over two german muzic label's,money! 1beet 500vašich kč!! plus ha ha rodiče are crazy in give me 4000kč mesične,hmm.oh ja neplatim najem ja na bytě with nevlastní bratr.poznámka'Muže se pít 3titry coly denně¿


(mikewhitemikedevil, 14. 8. 2014 17:13)

money,mam se tááák faaain a jako kazdy den ne skola a práce a ted cejtil si to v mysli,hmm a jako od mala zas dnes tech chocolate sušenek'high,next rad uz nepotř penize na bitch-stači protože 'ugly planet,cz vy ale vypadate s tim slangem,ha ha ha ha,like vcerejsi comments on joint but this smoke only at..

czech language

(mikedevil, 14. 8. 2014 17:00)

proc ty vystrašeny subject u monitoru kdyz ty ctes mike commenty?na toto sve ja doplacis deno deně at ti nekdo ubližuje nebo ne..o lidech ted nemluvim,to je jedno o čem mluvim(like satan eyes,like top creatures in his life's)

jointlike rccola&pepsi fuck pepsitwist fuck coca cola'maybe at eat after 5hours joint..hmm

(mike devil joint, 13. 8. 2014 19:32)

all comment i write normal&25%on joint smoke(section'666comments.+now i say how much?666 comments?and dirty god insane&high in logic&death king ghost rise(rap or this on mind no rap but high 'comments'like that fuck style'morbid satanistic or something. (..)

whitenigga comments(useurope)

(mike white devil, 13. 8. 2014 19:21)

yeah crazy like rccola on joint smoke'candy,like i
from my high&dirt i paranormal shit'now next name 'mikedevil.mike white devil.like flame at start dead plant'joint,like i water on drink fuck'pepsi'like dirty(morbid self),on mind'like my next energy from fuck godfamily and his son'my next style of soul this about my like full over god sick my high&slang,speak or like my rap1dirty1&tecnic'devil death ghost in hurt rapping..

europe us.mike quake rap.like comments

(mike white devil, 13. 8. 2014 19:03)

like speace is shadow like my self mix like joint smoke1maryhuantabacc joint smoke,refresh high,top like my 'soul feel when i my soul dirt riseing radioactiv from dirt instrumentl narkotek tekno like mix my brutl self.mix i 1hurt rap1 on smoke/chronicly top need dirt instrumental at start joint smoke..

repair comment:

(mike white.miked., 13. 8. 2014 18:53)

in my lastz comments was too my all create my GOLDEN MINDZ section so in this'comment vol.9(about bible god) and comment vol.10(about satan).. So mix this i say like satan in satan ghost do it diabel the devil&death on bodyz..and on all planets with'life forms..so my comment vol.10golden midz no dislike on satan but vol.9andvol.1
is dislike only on bible god he try create or too do it devil shit.mix respect on diabel and on satan's family

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