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mike comments- you still 'satanista ? :) u down body alive

(mike BASTARD*, 21. 4. 2014 17:49)

wrong dirty comments

narkotek-diabel(utube) (to this instrumental i too rappin)

(mike rbastard(mjoint), 21. 4. 2014 17:47)

i really rapping with double speed/fuck tempo of hip hop instrumental.like my nitro(ten second i rapping with no double but with 'three speed'

last comment i think on all place on planet and everytime space do it this ,yay

(mike b joint, 21. 4. 2014 17:43)

satanistic hurt comment complet

fuck cosmic the bitch create

(mike bastard , 21. 4. 2014 17:35)

dnes uz moc kluku bylo na wc a prostor tu scenku vytvořil/vylil ty těla over dick :)))))) gay space,fuck architect(bible god) ,hm.

qualit czech comment(ill

(mike bast(mj), 21. 4. 2014 17:30)

replay:today jsem rano chcal a je mi z toho spatne tak ze na vse v zivote uz seru dokud nevylezu z lydskeho tela.tlouknout vaseho boha of asshole create.je mi spatne jak jsem piss'PRO ME MOC VESNICKY STYL TO LYDSKE TĚLO(..)

keep only lesbian girl!!!!!!!!!!! For clean life.

(mike joint(mike bastard., 21. 4. 2014 16:15)

please dont touch on bitchboy 'photo three and all girlz no touch on boy or man body/gay natural (gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay*mauthausen.like me bleedy bitch(bible god(god of create)he is my birkenau boy(..) hi kristin u no write me mail-you evil! ;) hi you my next demon sister and kiss by mike joint

fuck english look on my us sleng,fuck british women vilage pig

(mike joint (rbastard), 21. 4. 2014 16:07)

hm two my last comments its i too in normal(no in demon style,like my self when i start a am in my morbiddemon me.

hi kristina'how are u'like this comments¿Ok.

(mike rbastard (mjoint), 20. 4. 2014 20:38)

like last photo/negative face(soul in speed

hm last night 18.new comments by i satanistic man/extreme hurt combos in comments(energy on rap or wreck&kill

(mike bastard, 20. 4. 2014 20:32)


youtube:narkotek-optical(from 3min:15sec to end,hm for mike best set on hurt rapping

(mike bastard (mike joint,next antichristus,mike rapper), 20. 4. 2014 20:26)

fuck aneta langerova,from dick 'voda živa.fuck&die 'orlich company

i aka in bible massacre by high big one/mystic high

(mike bastard, 20. 4. 2014 4:38)

fuck ya life monkey dejawee with no real demonistic,u satan bible (¿) like i aka paranormal high but i no use occultism,one (..)(¿) like when u read my kinda shit so u look on when u loose in ya self now hurtspeak on you(¿)kind i say bible god of create is my bleedy bitch,favorit raptelepate target in soulrise in stand rap/soul training on subjects ghost wrecking,place diying(¿)

new comment: like in czech good orlich body place for cosmic in devil do it on this czech ugly/earth/

(mike bastard joint, 20. 4. 2014 4:07)

fuckczech muzic/gay monkey ass. Like you no have open portale(¿)right u hurt ya self and i one ,keep this/i think brainwash(no by i name) fuck ya brain, 100% from mike comments is mike style/mind(no about satan,devil;)high shit bible or tv,satanistic

hurt soulsleng(+last comment)

(mike rbastard(mjoint), 20. 4. 2014 3:56)

like u aka orli¿ch or somethink(i think lost soul(no by i name)like no bible 'bible cyklone,clean.like one of soul is hurt shit(i

maryhuana power (i

(mike bastard the mike joint(like mike devil videos)mike rapper, 20. 4. 2014 3:45)

like mike say all manz with satan bible or anythink this no'by satan because no have highdirtSelf AKA MIKE BASTARD so are ghotic,back with women bitch!.devil.

i *ghostsick (mix like my hurt politics,satanistic)

(mike bastard, 20. 4. 2014 3:20)

evil god check it(no rap)(comment). *i aka bullet is quick/god speed(mike style of hurt&logic sleng).u ugly mothafucka i never learn english or satan occultism no books'i this;)wow my self,mysticly¿i have more power on morbid my self¿ satanistic,satan god sick or somethink.but learn by my mindz(by me and cosmic;),soul shit

i spirit on target death wrecking devilhigh massenger by diabel ghost

(mike bastard(mike joint), 20. 4. 2014 3:06)

check in comments is too aka when i rapping'the check my tempo of hurt&logic combo..aka in rapping 'now this is style of my energy on death subject no energy on comment(..)energy on hurt&splating or energy on target training. shit, again push that energy over comments,one combos(..)

satanist sadist hurt sleng

(mike bastard, 20. 4. 2014 2:57)

iDeathghost sound,i devil hurt moving.i on hurt splat the cut life form or i high poporazi of devildeath tempo on all planet(muzic;hurttekno tempo).i insane one logic spit controle 12.comment today on mind,ok and satanic

like on picture faceoff(net pictures)

(mike bastard, 20. 4. 2014 2:48)

last comment no respect on,in,about bible god in i say: on high god mystic planet'(i think my high god self on my mystic' planet hurt taging(anythink)

like my rap nitro after maryhuan

(mike bastard, 20. 4. 2014 2:30)

in last comment,i think' demon enter the. New comment:maybe somebody hate my comments,thatright'ufee big boy(dick). New comment: like my bleedy bitch'he new on wc do it(cosmic and biblegod of create;) next: u on like sepultura antichrist track tyrant sick.like i too white soul'i giant energy on burn to bodyz/mix i/new ghost high from new cosmic time,in one self i dirty wreck shit on high god mystic planet hurt taging by i tekno rap tempo'high devil dirt and speed(mix like second light style'demon (..)

like awe satan (i mix say awe satan family(death family)

(mike bastard (mjoint), 20. 4. 2014 2:12)

i aka station3 hurt but more mystic on hurt(in real space'cosmic ghraphics/i ghost in exist high fix by crack high from natural demont enter the and maryhuana smoke.*like u body on planet on head execution-by dirty ghost wrecking demolition*(my rap lyrics).

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